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Rene Sandler, Maryland Criminal Defense Attorney
Criminal Defense Attorney Maryland Criminal Defense Attorney Maryland Criminal Defense Attorney Maryland Criminal Defense Attorney Maryland Criminal Defense Attorney Maryland


"We wanted to thank you for taking the time away from your holiday to advise us on our recent legal matter.  Your counsel provided us with the knowledge and confidence we so desperately needed which made our holiday bearable."
~ DC, December, 2018

"You are the greatest attorney on the planet and the strongest woman I have ever known. Thank you for helping my son and family.  We are forever grateful."
~ December, 2018

"Rene is simply exceptional! She goes well beyond the “generally accepted” level of effort to truly work on behalf of her client for the best possible outcome. Her sights and determination are unrelentingly set on that goal scarcely considering a quick or least resistant path despite its availability. A practitioner at such a high level is a rare find among many who are more oriented toward fulfilling billable hour quotas. Trust, integrity, and skill are Rene’s hallmark and I was especially blessed to have her represent me."
~ A happy Rene Sandler Client, 2017-2018

"Dear Rene, I would like to express how grateful I am for you help in my case. It has given me an opportunity that I will always remember. Because of your extensive knowledge and skill I am able to recover from this incident without taking a great wound to my future. I am infinitely grateful for the hours and days that you spent successfully putting me in a better position and that will never be forgotten. These meager words display only a fraction of how appreciate I am for your work."
~ A Grateful Client, April, 2016

"What can I say to the one person who never gave up on me and had my back? Thank you is not enough. Please accept my sincere appreciation for all that you have done to restore my faith in the system and in people. You fought so hard for me and I have my life back because of your hard work. Thank you thank you thank you."
~ Your Forever Client, December, 2015

"Rene, this year we are thankful for you. It is difficult to express how grateful we are and how much in awe of your expertise. You rock in so many ways!"
~ December, 2014

"Rene Sandler rocks it in the courtroom. Unimaginable results against all odds."
~ Ecstatic Client, February, 2014

"My family came to Rene Sandler when a member of our family was at a low point which could have ended tragically. Rene worked with us patiently through difficult circumstances and guided us toward a successful outcome. Rene is smart, compassionate, and understands dynamics in families. Rene provided our family with exceptional counsel and we will be forever grateful."
~ March, 2014

~ John, April, 2014

"Simply put, there is no better lawyer than Rene Sandler. Rene's level of experience, strategy balanced with a genuine concern for her clients is truly unique only to her. I highly recommend Rene."
~ A very happy Client, December, 2013.

"I've had the pleasure of working with Rene Sandler when I was in a difficult spot a year or so ago. She is by far the most thorough, dedicated, intelligent and compassionate lawyer I have ever dealt with. She listened to my story, reviewed the files and talked with potential witnesses in the pursuit of the best route for the best outcome. Rene not only understands the law but she has great rapport with the legal system personnel and for good reasons. The judges love her because she is prepared and asks and answers all important questions. To have a "local" lawyer with so many attributes is, indeed, a prize for the Rockville community. She will represent you with care and deft understanding, which is unusual in the legal profession, from my experience. She's is one of the best lawyers one could possibly have standing next to them in the court room or in a discussion room. Thanks, Rene!"
~ Forever grateful - A, May 2013

"There is no person more strategic, knowledgeable, compassionate, and intelligent than Rene Sandler.  Simply the best attorney one could have on your side."
~ September, 2012

"Rene has such a command of the rules of and for the subject matter of her cases.  Her preparation is impressive and makes a client feel that they really matter! Great job, Rene."
~ A happy client, 2012

"When you see Rene Sandler on the other side, you know you're in for a long legal struggle. She knows every trick in the book and uses it."
~ Maryland Attorney General Douglas F. Gansler

"Rene Sandler singlehandedly took on the criminal justice system for my son and won. Thank you for your strength."
~ Anna B., 2011

"Rene Sandler and her associates are an amazing team. They definitely deliver results. In the process, they instill a tremendous sense of confidence and help clients feel like they are being completely supported. I've worked with attorneys for more than 25 years, and I've never seen a team quite like Sandler Law."
~ A Very Satisfied Client in 2010

"I would like to thank Rene Sandler for the professional and personal service I received. From the day I called Rene Sandler, she guided me and my family through a complicated legal process, always offering personal and updated information. She always returned my e-mails and phone calls promptly, never leaving me in the dark! To make the situation even more complicated, I reside in another State, but this did not hinder the personal service I received from Rene.

I would recommend the Sandler Law firm to my family and friends without hesitation; I was pleasantly surprised to find a law firm which offered personal service, which helped make a difficult situation bearable. The legal results surpassed our expectations, and Rene never made unrealistic promises. "

~ DG

"Rene’s instincts in the courtroom are right on. As a client, I knew my life was in the best hands and had confidence that she would get the best possible result."
~ A.

"We want to thank you for all of your hard work and dedication in our son's case. Your patience and commitment helped our family through a very difficult time. We are grateful to have had such a wonderful lawyer. We will always be thankful for your help."
~ Excerpt from a recent letter of appreciation from the parents of a client

"But you need to know and appreciate, I think sometimes people don't know what hard work lawyers do, and your lawyer did in this case."
~ Hon. Eric M. Johnson,
   Circuit Court for Montgomery County, Maryland
   In remarks to Ms. Sandler's client prior to sentencing

Washingtonian Top Lawyers
Rene Sandler was named to Washingtonian Magazine's Top Lawyers list for 2015.
Ms. Sandler is the only female criminal defense attorney selected from Montgomery County, Maryland. Ms. Sandler was previously named to Washingtonian Magazine's Top 30 Superstar Attorneys in the Washington Metropolitan Area.

Top 30 Best Lawyers
Rene Sandler recognized to National Trial Lawyers Top 100 for Criminal Defense, 2019.

Super Lawyers
Rene Sandler was named to Maryland SuperLawyers Top 50 Women 2011-2018 and Top 100 Lawyers 2011-2018.

Super Lawyers
Published in Maryland Super Lawyers 2014 - January 2014

The Humanizer
Criminal defense attorney Rene Sandler has one job: defend
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Washingtonian Top Lawyers
Rene Sandler named to Washingtonian Magazine's Best Lawyers for 2014. Rene Sandler has consistently been named each year as a top criminal defense attorney in Washingtonian Magazine's list of the area's best lawyers.

Top 30 Best Lawyers
Rene Sandler named to Washingtonian Magazine's
TOP 30 BEST LAWYERS "SUPERSTARS" of the legal community.

Maryland Criminal Defense Attorney
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Maryland Criminal Defense Attorney, Rene Sandler
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