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Rene Sandler, Maryland Criminal Defense Attorney
Criminal Defense Attorney Maryland Criminal Defense Attorney Maryland Criminal Defense Attorney Maryland Criminal Defense Attorney Maryland

Maryland Criminal & Civil Appeals

What makes Maryland Attorney Rene Sandler stand out from the rest in handling appellate cases is the firm’s vast experience at the trial level which naturally compliments the appellate process lacking in most appellate advocacy.  The extensive knowledge of the trial process aids Maryland Attorney Rene Sandler to effectively and thoroughly review appellate cases with the trial lawyer’s eye for cutting edge issues to be presented at oral argument and in written briefs filed with the appellate court.

The highest appellate court in Maryland is the Court of Appeals. There are seven judges on the court. The Court of Appeals is not primarily a court of error, but hears cases that at least three judges of the court have decided involve a question of public importance beyond the interests of the immediate parties to the appeal. It also hears cases certified to it by other state appellate courts and federal courts involving unanswered questions of Maryland law.

The Court of Special Appeals is the intermediate appellate court in Maryland. It hears appeals of right in civil and criminal cases, meaning that it is predominantly a court of error. There are 13 active judges on the Court of Special Appeals. Individual cases are heard by panels of 3 judges who decide the appeal by a majority vote.

The Circuit Court, which is the trial court of general jurisdiction in Maryland, sits as an appellate court for de novo criminal appeals from District Court and appeals from administrative proceedings, such as workers compensation cases and contested cases from the Motor Vehicle Administration. In addition, the Circuit Court hears appeals of right from the District Court in civil cases.

Maryland Attorney Rene Sandler recognizes the individualized nature of each appeal.  She also recognizes the personal involvement of family and friends on behalf of an individual facing an appellate case.  Maryland Attorney Rene Sandler focuses a great deal of time and attention to craft the right legal issues to be presented on appeal.


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“The family hired a new legal team, headed by Rene Sandler, a powerhouse attorney and constitutional crusader well known in D.C. circles as a tenacious thorn in the side of law enforcement, even though she herself is a former prosecutor.” 
~ When They Come For You, David Kirby

Top 30 Best Lawyers
Rene Sandler named to Washingtonian Magazine's TOP 30 BEST LAWYERS "SUPERSTARS" of the legal community.

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Rene Sandler was named to Maryland SuperLawyers 2011-2021,
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Rene Sandler was named to Washingtonian Magazine's Top Lawyers list for 2015.
Ms. Sandler is the only female criminal defense attorney selected from Montgomery County, Maryland. Ms. Sandler was previously named to Washingtonian Magazine's Top 30 Superstar Attorneys in the Washington Metropolitan Area.

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Published in Maryland Super Lawyers 2014 - January 2014. The Humanizer
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